The Ultimate Drop Shipping App for Influencers

Leverage your audience and earn when your followers shop from your featured content. Doba Direct seamlessly monetizes your influence without you having to worry about shipping or fulfilling products.   *US shipping only

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Key Benefits

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One-Click Sharing
Integrate products into your posts, enabling effortless sharing across multiple social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest, while inspiring your audience to shop.
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Competitive Commissions
Explore potential earnings for each product, share profitable items, and earn commissions when users order through your exclusive link within 30 days. Plus, enhance your income through in-app tasks like referring new users, daily check-ins, and content sharing.
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Hassle-Free Fulfillment
Focus on creating captivating content and promoting your products while Doba Direct handles all aspects of product sourcing, shipping, and customer support.
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User-Friendly Dashboard
Easily track your earnings and gain valuable consumer insights through our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

Selected High Commission Products

    Expansive Categories

    Focus on your niche and products that fit your personal brand. Explore and curate the perfect selection of items to captivate your followers' attention and encourage them to purchase.

    Discovery Community

    Access a wealth of discovery posts to elevate your content game, and share valuable shopping inspiration with your audience.

    Influencers who love Doba Direct

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    Discover inspiration and tips for a well-organized culinary haven, from creative cabinet configurations to smart countertop storage, courtesy of KitchenMaster. As a pioneering influencer partnered with Doba Direct, she seamlessly utilizes its features to share her own inspirations in the Discovery community, elevating her content and earning commissions effortlessly.
    Internet Celebrity Blogger
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    FleureBeauty is a beauty and health influencer who shares a wealth of knowledge and tips in the world of beauty. From skincare routines to makeup techniques, FleureBeauty's content is dedicated to helping her audience enhance their natural beauty and embrace self-care. With a passion for clean and sustainable beauty, FleureBeauty is excited about the launch of Doba Direct and the opportunities it brings.
    Internet Celebrity Blogger
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    FitnessAce shares valuable insights, workout routines, nutrition tips, and more to help his followers achieve their health and wellness goals. As a passionate outdoor sports and fitness enthusiast, FitnessAce frequently relies on Doba for his sports equipment purchases. The launch of Doba Direct brings him great excitement as it allows him to effortlessly monetize his influence without the burdens of managing an e-commerce store.
    Internet Celebrity Blogger


    How can I join Doba Direct?

    You can download Doba Direct from your App Store. Once the app is downloaded you may then register for an account. After you have created an account you will be able to view and share products from our catalog, set up a bank account, and generate sales!

    How can I earn money with Doba Direct?
    How does Doba Direct track my orders?
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